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National Agriculture Day


When is National Agriculture Day? The date varies, March 21, 2023.

National Agriculture Day is a salute to American agriculture and everyone who plays a role in it. According to the Agricultural Day website and sponsors of this holiday, the purpose of National Agriculture Day is to “celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture”.

Agriculture has been around since the caveman first learned how to plant seeds and grow food. The industry has evolved from simple tools for growing and harvesting crops, to horse or ox-drawn plows, and now employs modern tractors and harvesting equipment.

Every year, producers, associations, universities and other groups recognize and celebrate the contributions of agriculture.

Note: National Agriculture Day, is sometimes referred to as World Agriculture Day. Agriculture is a vital industry to feed the billions of hungry people on the planet.

The date of this special day can vary. It is often, but not always on the first day of spring.

How to Celebrate National Agriculture Day

  • Spend a little time to better understand agriculture.
  • Put on presentations, talks, and demonstrations about Agriculture.
  • Attend one of the events above.
  • Learn about how food is produced and distributed.
  • Eat healthy today. As you do, think about all that goes into bringing the food you eat to your table.
  • Plan to get involved in agriculture this spring, by planting a vegetable garden.
  • Teachers created a lesson plan centered on growing plants.
  • Support legislation for the betterment of our agricultural community.
  • If you are in High school, consider a career in agriculture. There are many job opportunities.
Agriculture Farm

Thought for Today

“Agriculture not only gives riches to a nation, but the only riches she can call her own.” – – Samuel Johnson

History and Origin of National Agriculture Day

On February 29, 2012, Agriculture secretary Thomas J. Vilsack proclaimed March 8, 2012, to be National Agriculture Day. This proclamation stated a specific date and year. It can vary each year. The Agricultural Secretary annually proclaims the date of National Agriculture Day. In 2022, President Joseph R. Biden Jr. made the proclamation.

This special day originated in 1973. It is organized and promoted by the Agriculture Council of America (ACA).

Important Note: The date for this holiday varies. If you see it listed on a different date on other websites, those websites are probably not keeping up with the date the ACA establishes each year to celebrate this event.

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