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Paul Bunyan Day

Paul Bunyan Day

About Paul Bunyan Day

When is Paul Bunyan Day? This holiday is always celebrated on June 28

Paul Bunyan Day is a giant of a day. Paul Bunyan was a gigantic lumberjack of American Folklore. According to folklore, Paul Bunyan and Babe His Blue Ox lived and traveled around the country. He is best known for his logging feats.

Paul Bunyan is “credited” with many deeds. Among his more legendary feats:

  • He created logging in the U.S.
  • He scooped out the great lakes to water Babe the ox.
  • He cleared the entire states of North and South Dakota for farming.
  • He trained ants to do logging work. They were, of course, Carpenter Ants.
  • Babe’s large footprints created Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.

Today’s Theme Song: The Ballad of Balul Bunyan (1973)

The Birthplace of Paul Bunyan

Maine is the birthplace of the lumber industry. The city of Bangor, Maine boasts that their city is the birthplace of renowned lumberjack Paul Bunyan.  They even have his birth certificate on display as proof. However, Minnesota also claims to be his birthplace. 

In his honor, the city of Bangor unveiled a giant statue of him on February 12, 1959. This was the 125th anniversary of his birth. While there are other statues of him, this is the world’s largest. It is 31 feet high and weighs 3,700 pounds. It is hurricane-proof to winds of 110 mph.

Although the statue in Bangor, Maine is the largest, there are at least a dozen statues of him around the country. They are primarily in Maine, Minnesota, and other states in the Midwest where he was known to travel and work.

Paul Bunyan with Babe the blue ox

How to Celebrate Paul Bunyan Day

You can celebrate this special holiday in a giant way.

  • Learn more about the man and his tales.
  • Spread the tales around. They are best told by word of mouth around a campfire.
  • Visit one of his statues. They are found from coast to coast.

Today's Quote

“Ten people who speak make more noise than 10,000 who are silent.” – – Napoleon Bonaparte.

History and Origin of Paul Bunyan Day

French Canadians created the first legends of Paul Bunyan during the Papineau rebellion of 1837.  Paul Bunyan with Babe the Blue Ox quickly became a huge American legend, traveling all over the Midwest. Many of the tales originated in the lumberjack industry and logging communities. Like all good folklore, it was passed from generation to generation by word of mouth. Over campfires, his legend grew, and tales were created. Written tales emerged in the early 1900s.

We are not certain why Paul Bunyan Day is on June 28. His birthday is February 12, 1834.

Did You Know? Paul Bunyan’s birth certificate is on display in the city clerk’s office in Bangor, Maine.

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