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National Food Truck Day

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About National Food Truck Day

When is National Food Truck Day? This holiday is celebrated on the fourth Friday in June

National Food Truck Day, also called National Eat at a Food Truck Day, is today. School is out, and summer has arrived. Thousands of food trucks around the country hit the road. Food trucks are largely run by local, small business entrepreneurs. You can find them at street corners, in parks, and at special events. When you eat at a food truck, you are supporting your local small businesses.

According to the creators of this day, the goal of National Food Truck Day is to “… celebrate and support small businesses across the country. The people who operate food trucks, food carts, and trailers, are all hard-working small business owners that make our cities that much more delicious and diverse. We wanted to create a national day that celebrates the entire industry and raised awareness.”

You will find food truck rodeos everywhere. There’s hardly an event, that does not utilize the menu versatility a group of several trucks has to offer. It is mutually beneficial to both the food truck industry and the entertainment or event venue. For food trucks, it means increased business success, with more and more faithful followers and increased profits. The popularity and diversity of food truck menus bring more people to the events. Some people actually follow their favorite food truck from one event to another, increasing attendance.

Did You Know? There are over 36,300 food trucks (2023) in the U.S. That number is increasing every year. If you are looking to get into the business, there is a significant investment. In addition to the cost of the vehicle, equipment, food, and gas, permits average over $28,000.

On National Food Truck Day, many food trucks offer special deals. We encourage you to get outside in the warm, sunny summer weather and patronize a food truck today!

What is a Food Truck?

Food trucks are traveling restaurants. They contain kitchens equipped with all of the refrigeration, cooking, serving, and cleaning equipment needed to serve you the food they offer. Speaking of food, each truck has its diverse menu. They offer a wide variety of foods, from gourmet to traditional summertime favorites. Depending on what trucks are at the rodeo, you can select from traditional hamburgers, hot dogs, and fried chicken. Or, you can eat “International” selecting from among a multicultural assortment of foods from all over the world.

Gather together several of these trucks, and you have a food truck rodeo with a wide menu certain to please everyone. 

Did You Know? Food trucks are a $1.5B industry (2023) and growing at a rate of about 10% per year.

How to Celebrate National Food Truck Day

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate National Food Truck Day:

  • Have a meal from a food truck.
  • Attend a food truck rodeo.
  • Looking for a job? apply today! 
  • If it’s your dream, start up a food truck business.

Today's Quote

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” – – Oprah Winfrey

History and Origin of National Food Truck Day

This holiday was created in 2016. This special day was created by the organization “Roaming Hunger”. Its purpose is to encourage people to eat at food trucks, which are operated by local, small businesses. The date was chosen to align with the kick-off of summer.

Originally named National Eat at a Food Truck Day back in 2016, the name was changed to National Food Truck Day. In 2018, the Roaming Hunger organization contacted the original creator of National Food Truck Day (Rick McNeely) who agreed for the organization to take over the day. He allowed the date to be moved from October to the current date. Since then National Eat at a Food Truck Day changed to National Food Truck Day.

Roaming Hunger confirmed that this is not a true “National” day. There is no congressional order or presidential proclamation.

Definition of “National” Days – and why it is important to distinguish true National days.

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