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International Mud Day


About International Mud Day

When is International Mud Day? This holiday is always observed on June 29

Are you ready to get down and dirty!? Today is International Mud Day. If you’re feeling down, the creators of this day say that wallowing in the mud improves your mood and attitude.  Not convinced? Use this June 29 holiday to test this claim. Immerse yourself in the mud. Roll around in it and see for yourself!

To celebrate this very special day, all you need is some water and some dirt. Mix them together, and you’re ready to have some fun!

International Mud Day is for everyone, both children and the child inside of us. Set aside electronic games. Turn off the television. Set down the smartphone, along with the apps. The purpose of this day is to help children, by bringing them back outdoors to learn about and enjoy nature, along with all it has to offer.  

How to Celebrate and Participate in International Mud Day

Here are some fun ideas on how to celebrate International Mud Day:

  • Immerse yourself and your friends in a mud pit.
  • Play tug of war across a muddy pit.
  • Make mud pies and/or mud sculptures.
  • Go to a spa for a mud facial.
  • Organize a nature hike for children or yourself.
  • Sling some mud.

Today's Quotes

“Smile into the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.” – – Yoko Ono

History and Origin of International Mud Day

In Nepal, where International Mud Day began, the objective of the original event was to enrich the lives of 58 orphans, by getting them outdoors to enjoy the environment. After splashing in the mud, these children’s moods and attitudes were much improved.

This day was first created at a World Forum in 2009, by Gillian McAuliffe from Australia, and Bishnu Bhatta from Nepal.

This special day is sponsored by the World Forum Foundation.

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