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Insurance Awareness Day

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About Insurance Awareness Day

When is Insurance Day? This holiday is always celebrated on June 28

Insurance Awareness Day has got to be one of your top holidays, right!? Understandably, this holiday doesn’t excite a lot of people. It doesn’t invoke doing fun things. So, you just might be wondering why do we have this June 28 holiday. Good question. While it may not be an exciting topic, having it offers peace of mind. Insurance, be it home, auto, or life insurance, offers you peace of mind that if something happens, you will be financially protected. Of course when it comes to life insurance, if something happens, you won’t be around to worry about the outcome.  

Insurance is a gamble. If you buy it, you’re gambling that something will go wrong. If you don’t buy it, you’re gambling that something will not happen.

We’re not sure what you should do to enjoy and appreciate this day. But, we do know it’s a good day to review the policies you currently have and think about whether you need more insurance. We are certain the insurance companies would like to hear from you today.

How to Celebrate Insurance Awareness Day

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate Insurance Awareness Day:

  • Review all of your insurance policies.
  • Make changes, as needed.
  • If you don’t have life insurance, learn more about it and talk to people about the pros and cons. Then, see an agent, if you decide to pursue it further.

Today's Quote

“I would like to die on Mars. Just not on impact.” – – Elon Musk

History and Origin of Insurance Awareness Day

Our research did not find the creator or the origin of this day. But, you can be certain that insurance companies had a little something to do with the origination of this day. 

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