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Italian Cannoli Day

Italian Cannoli Cookie Day, Cannolo

About Italian Cannoli Day

When is Cannoli Day? This holiday is always celebrated on June 16

Today is a great food holiday. It is Italian Cannoli Day. A Cannolo is a true culinary delight. These wonderful cookies are filled with calories, and they are carb-rich. But, put aside your diet on this June 16 holiday. You don’t want to pass it by without enjoying a few cookies. A thousand or so years ago, this cannoli cookie was first created in Italy. A cookie this good cannot be kept secret for very long. It is popular around the world. Now you find them in Italian bakeries, Italian restaurants, delis, as well as the bakery department of your local grocery store.

Cannoli is not hard to make. They are tubular-shaped pastries. First, the dough is shaped and fried. Then, it is stuffed with a filling consisting of ricotta cheese and sugar. Depending upon what recipe you choose to use, you can include a wide variety of other ingredients to the filling, including chocolate chips, nuts, lemon or orange zest, and even bits of fruit. Finally, you can be creative when decorating the outside of the cannoli. Here are some ideas: dust them with powdered sugar, drizzle chocolate over them, or place pieces of fruit or a sprig of mint aside of the cannoli.

People enjoy cannoli any time of the year. Along with other Italian cookies, they are a “must-have” at weddings, funeral receptions, banquets, and any type of party or celebration. If you’re organizing the event, buy plenty of extras, as they go very fast.

One Big Cannolo: The largest cannolo ever was made on November 9, 2014, by the Lactalis American Group, Inc., at the Feast of Little Italy Italian Festival in Jupiter, Florida. It weighed 262.5 pounds.

Canoli Trivia and FAQs.

Amaze your friends with the depth of your knowledge of cannoli. 

  • Cannoli cookies were once called cappelli di turchi, or Turkish hats.
  • These Italian cookies were first made in 827–1091 in Caltanissetta, Sicily.
  • Legend has it that they were first created by concubines of Italian princes.
  • They were once considered a sign of fertility.
  • The Italian word “cannolo” means “little tube”.
  • It is believed to have Arabic origins.

Cannolo, Cannoli, or Cannolis?

So, what do you call thee delicious Italian cookies?

Cannolo is the singular form of the word.

Cannoli describes multiple cookies.

However, many Americans use cannoli as the singular and cannolis as the multiple form of the word. Does it matter? Not really, as everyone will know what you mean.

How to Celebrate and Participate in Cannoli Day

It is very easy to celebrate this holiday:

  • Eat a cannolo. 
  • Go to an Italian bakery to buy some. While you’re there, check out the many other delicious baked goods they have to offer.
  • Make homemade cannoli. There are many online recipes.
  • If you are an Italian bakery or Italian recipe, give out free samples, or offer a discounted sale price.
  • If you are planning a party, order some cannoli along with other types of Italian cookies.

Today's Quote

“Of all possessions a friend is the most precious.” – – Herodotus

History and Origin of Cannoli Day

Our research did not find the creator or the origin of this day. We traced the origin of this holiday to 2020. We found no references to this day prior to 2020. There is very little information written about this holiday.

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