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Paperback Book Day

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About Paperback Book Day

When is the Paperback Book Day? This holiday is always on July 30

Take a break today. Grab a paperback book in your favorite genre and spend some quality time reading it. Today is Paperback Book Day. This July 30 holiday is the perfect time to curl up to a real book and immerse yourself in an exciting and interesting story. Fiction or non-fiction, whatever your genre choice, you’ll have a relaxing time reading a paperback book today and every day!

 In today’s electronic world, Ebooks are becoming increasingly more popular. But, most people still agree, that reading a physical book is far more enjoyable. Real books have a comfortable and familiar feel about them. They also have a familiar and pleasant smell. There’s an enjoyable feeling readers get, as they hold the book and turn pages. It’s just not the same when you hold an Ebook, swiping pages as you go.

The Evolution of Paperback Books

Back in the day…. before the 1800s, books were bound in hardcover. Hardcover books were large and leather-bound, making them heavy. Many people could not afford them. Then, publishers began to print books with hard cardboard covers, making them a little lighter and a little less expensive. The Penguin Publishing Company in London, England first began publishing paperback books on July 30, 1835. Smaller and much lighter, they were produced at a fraction of the cost of hardcover books.

Paperback books became affordable to the general public and immediately became a huge success. Penguin Publishing Company produced 3 million paperback books in the first 12 months. Before 1835, a few other publishers had tried unsuccessfully to print paperback books. American Robert Fair de Graff was the first to create the “Pocket Book” in 1939. It was published by Simon &Schuster. It was 4″ X 6″. 1.5 million pocketbooks were sold in the first year for just 25 cents each.

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How to Participate in Paperback Book Day

It’s pretty obvious how to celebrate this day. Put down your Ebook and grab a paperback book. Reach into the refrigerator and take out your favorite summer cooler. Sit on your patio or deck, by the water’s edge, or in a cozy hammock. Then, enjoy a beautiful and lazy summer day reading.

You can also:

  • Go to a library or bookstore and browse the paperback books.
  • Donate books you’ve read to your local library.
  • Buy a new paperback book.
  • Give a book to a friend.
  • Join a book club.



Today's Quote

” Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body.” – – Joseph Addison

History and Origin of Paperback Book Day

The history of the creation of paperback books is pretty clear. However, we have yet to identify the creator of this day and why he/she created it. It’s pretty clear why this date was chosen, on this date in 1835, Penguin Publishing Company in London, United Kingdom began printing paperback books. We traced this special holiday back to 2012. We speculate that someone in the publishing business created this day. If so, it was most likely the Penguin Publishing Company

 A couple of websites incorrectly refer to it as “National Paperback Book Day”. In the earliest recording of this day, the word “National” was not included in the title.

Neither the U.S. Congress nor any President of the United States has proclaimed this holiday to be a true “National” day.

Definition of “National” Days – and why it is so important to distinguish and identify true national days.

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