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Beer Can Day

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About Beer Can Day

When is Beer Can Day? This holiday is always observed on January 24

Now here’s a day that I can really get into! Actually, I can “get into” the stuff inside of the can even more. What this author appreciates, is a beer can that is full and icy cold. Beer Can Appreciation Day, a January 24 holiday, celebrates that great day in 1935 when beer was first sold in cans. On January 24, 1935, the American Can Company and Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company first sold Krueger’s Finest Beer and Krueger’s Cream ale in Richmond, VA. Major brewing companies quickly followed suit. Over 200 million cans were sold in the first year.

There’s a big market for beer cans. Many people are beer can collectors out there.  And, we’re not talking about taking them back to the store to get your deposit back. If you come across an old can, do not throw it out. Rather, check out the prices in a collector’s catalog, or on eBay.

Collectors meticulously open a beer can from the bottom, empty it, and drink it, of course. Then, they wash and dry it. For collectors, there is no shortage of types of beer, cans and bottles, and sizes. A beer can collector may have hundreds of cans and bottles. 

Beer Can Appreciation Day provides us with the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the many different kinds of beer cans. Enjoy today by starting or adding to your can collection. As you empty the new cans, drink the contents. After all, you don’t want to be wasteful do you?

Important Note: Please drink responsibly. And, if you drink…….don’t drive.

How to Celebrate Beer Can Day

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about how to enjoy and participate in this fun day:

  • Pickup a six-pack and enjoy!
  • Start a beer can collection.
  • This is a great day for gifting. Select an uncommon beer and give a six-pack to a friend.
  • You can celebrate today by going to a brewery. While you won’t get the beer in a can, it will be a fun event. And, we won’t teli anyone you didn’t drink it from a can.

Today's Quote

“Give me a woman who loves beer and I will conquer the world.” – – Kaiser Wilhelm

History and Origin of Beer Can Day

We know that this day celebrates the first time beer was available in cans. We have yet to discover the creator or the origin of Beer Can Appreciation Day. Perhaps the originator opened up a few too many beer cans on the day of creation, and …uh…. didn’t remember the next day.  

While the creator may no longer recall creating today, we are so glad he, or she did!

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