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Play Tennis Day

Play Tennis Day, Court

About Play Tennis Day

When is Play Tennis Day? This holiday is always celebrated on February 23

 Today is Play Tennis Day, and a great day to play. After all, it’s the objective of this February 23 holiday. Millions of us, young and old, play this high-energy game. Because it is mid-winter, you may be limited to an indoor court if available. Or, perhaps you will play table tennis. 

Millions of Americans enjoy playing tennis. In addition to being a good sport, it’s good exercise, too.

Most Famous Table Tennis Player: Forrest Gump in the classic mega-movie Forrest Gump.

Types of Tennis

The creator of this day is unknown and there is a lack of documentation about this holiday. As a result, we can’t be certain what type of tennis we should celebrate. So, let’s celebrate them all. They include: 

  • Tennis – as played on a full-sized court.
  • Table Tennis
  • Lawn Tennis
Play Tennis Day

How to Celebrate Play Tennis Day

  • Play a round or two with friends.
  • Watch the movie, Forrest Gump
  • If it’s snowing outside, play table tennis.
  •  Learn more about your favorite famous male and female players.
  • Buy a new racket.
  • Attend or make plans to attend the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, Rhode Island.

Thought for Today

“I don’t always go the extra mile, but when I do it’s because I’ve missed my exit.”

Table Tennis Day

History and Origin of Play Tennis Day

Our research into this day proved rather difficult. There are many organizations that have declared a “Play Tennis Day” or a “Tennis Day”. They are largely one-time, local events. And, we can’t be certain what type of tennis this day was created for. It made the search for documentation about this day quite difficult. Both the internet and old Encyclopedias were no help either.

Reader Comments:

“Could it be that on this date in 1874, Walter Wingfield of Pimlico, England, patented the game of lawn tennis?” Barry Foster

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