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Send a Card to a Friend Day

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About Send a Card to a Friend Day

When is Send a Card to a Friend Day? This holiday is always celebrated on February 7

Send a Card to a Friend Day is a great chance to get in touch with a friend. We all lead busy lives. It’s easy to let a friendship or two lapses, as we try to shuffle kids to and from events. It’s hard to stay in touch when workload demands eat up countless hours. Yet friends are worth their weight in gold. Use this February 7 holiday to reignite a lifetime friendship. Better still, send a card to all of your friends. 

Today is the perfect chance to send a card to a friend. A paper card, or an Ecard, is just fine. You may likely find an Ecard is quicker and easier. And, you will save on postage, too.

How to Celebrate Send a Card to a Friend Day

  • Go to the store, buy a greeting card and send it to a friend. Hand deliver it. However, if you want it to arrive on the holiday, send it by snail mail a few days earlier.
  • Make a hand-written and decorated card from hard card stock paper for your friend.
  • Send an email to a friend. It arrives almost instantly, and there is no postage.

Today's Quote

“here are two days in the year that you can not do anything, yesterday and tomorrow..” – – Mahatma Gandhi

Greeting Cards

History and Origin of Send a Card to a Friend Day

Our research did not find the creator or the origin of this day. Our conclusion is it originated from stationery or Ecard companies. It certainly is in their best interest. And, they don’t need to take credit for creating this day.

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