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Ferris Wheel Day

Ferris Wheel Day

When is Ferris Wheel Day? This holiday is always celebrated on February 14

Today is Ferris Wheel Day, a February 14 holiday.  What’s the first thing you see as you near an amusement park or a carnival? Why, it’s a tall Ferris wheel, of course. Can you imagine a carnival or festival without one? Neither can I. We have George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. a civil engineer, to thank. In 1893, he made the first Ferris Wheel for the World’s Colombian Exhibition in Chicago. This iconic amusement park ride is one of the most popular rides of all.

The purpose of this day is obvious… to celebrate the birthday of this great inventor and to enjoy his invention. The trouble is, there aren’t many carnivals, amusement parks, or fairgrounds operating in mid-February in North America. You may have to settle with enjoying old photos of trips to a fair or amusement park. If you are in the southern hemisphere where it is currently mid-summer, you’re in luck as amusement parks are open. And, there are plenty of fairs and carnivals going on. Find one of these venues with a Ferris wheel and go for a ride.

How to Celebrate Ferris Wheel Day

  • Look for a fair or a carnival in your area that features a Ferris wheel and go for a ride.
  • Make plans to go to a future carnival or fair.
  • Watch the movie The Greatest Show on Earth.

Thought for Today

Some people are like Slinkies. They are not really good for anything, but they bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.

History and Origin of Ferris Wheel Day

Ferris Wheel Day commemorates the birthday of George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., the creator of the first Ferris Wheel. 

Austria, a country in love with its Ferris Wheels, also claims to have created this day. They claim that this date was chosen because in Austria this is historically the most weather-friendly day of the year.

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