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Feed the Birds Day

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About Feed the Birds Day

When is Feed the Birds Day? This holiday is always celebrated on February 3

Today is Feed the Birds Day, a February 3 holiday. Help the wild birds in your backyard to survive the long, cold winter by feeding them. That’s exactly why this special day was created. Mid and late winter is especially hard on all outdoor animals. By mid-winter, food sources become scarcer and scarcer for the wild birds that over-winter in your backyard. What little available food can get buried under deep snow. The bird feeder that you place in your backyard, in view of your picture window, is entertaining to you as a bird watcher. It is also vital to the survival of birds in harsh winters.

Take today as an opportunity to begin a new and fun hobby… bird watching. Place a feeder in a location where it can be seen from indoors. Make sure to keep it full of seeds all of the time. Once birds are attracted to your feeder, you have effectively adopted them. They become dependent upon the seeds in your feeder.

Winter Bird Feeding Tip: Seeds are the best source of high-energy food for wild birds. Other foods, like bread, do not contain as much energy.

Schools and businesses often participate in this special day. They hold classes and seminars on wild bird feeding, and winter survival, and educate the public about backyard birds in general.

Get in on the fun today. Set up a bird feeder and save your wild backyard birds.

For more information, see: Feed the Birds Day

How to Celebrate Feed the Birds Day

There are many ways to celebrate and participate in this holiday. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Find out what type of seeds your winter backyard birds eat. See Bird Seed Reference Chart
  • Buy a bag of seeds specific to the backyard birds currently in your yard.
  • Fill a bird feeder. Better yet, fill several bird feeders.
  • Have your camera handy and take plenty of pictures of thankful birds.
  • Buy a bird identification book. You’re going to need it.
  • Identify the backyard birds that visit the feeder. Chances are, you will see a few varieties you didn’t know winter in your yard.

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Today's Quote

“I often watch the birds fight over a worm. So far, it’s Cardinals 3, Blue Jays 1.

Northern Cardinal Bird Feeding

History and Origin of Feed the Birds Day

Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY created Feed the Birds Day in 2016. Bob and his wife Debbie are avid bird watchers. He is also the creator of Holiday Insights and The Gardener’s Network.

According to Matthews, birds in northern areas of the country need our help most in the late winter months. Use this day to start enjoying the great hobby of bird watching, as you help your backyard birds to survive.

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