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Bubble Gum Day

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About Bubble Gum Day

When is Bubble Gum Day? This holiday is always celebrated on the first Friday in February

Today is Bubble Gum Day. On this day, kids bring 50 cents to school and donate it to a good cause. In exchange, they can chew bubble gum in school today. The school selects in advance, what cause the donations will go to. Ruth Spiro, the creator, wanted to have a day where kids can simply participate in donating, without constantly selling things. She says that since its creation, this day has become a sweet success!

Bubble Gum Day was originally established for schools. But, libraries, clubs, and community groups can and do participate. Even businesses are encouraged to hold a Bubble Gum Day event.

The date of this event was established on the first Friday of February, rather than a set date. This is so it will occur on a school day. Some websites, that have not researched this day, erroneously report it on a fixed date.

Bubble Gum Trivia: Ancient Greeks used the resin from mastic trees as chewing gum. However, bubble gum wasn’t invented until much later.  In 1928, Walter Diemer was the first to perfect the right ingredients needed to make chewing gum that can make big bubbles. After coming up with the fright ingredients, he almost immediately lost the recipe. Then, he spent four months of experimenting to re-create the recipe.  At the time of his invention, Diemer was a young accountant at Fleer Chewing Gum Company.

We hope you have a successful fundraiser on this day.

How to Celebrate Bubble Gum Day

  • Schools select an organization or cause to donate to. School children who bring in 50 cents or more to donate can allowed chew gum in school for the day.
  • We encourage other organizations and groups to do this fundraiser.
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 I found $20 in the parking lot. I asked myself “What would Jesus do?” So, I turned it into wine.

History and Origin of Bubble Gum Day

Ruth Spiro is a writer, a children’s book author, and a bubble gum fan. She created this day in 2006. It quickly grew to become a widespread, annual event. Her objective was to create a day for schools to do a fundraiser, without selling things.

Some sources erroneously report this as a “National” day. This is incorrect, as the creator has never referred to it as a national day. Her website specifically calls it Bubble Gum Day.

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