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National Battery Day


About National Battery Day

When is National Battery Day? This holiday is always celebrated on February 18

People get a charge out of National Battery Day. We are absolutely energized by the many uses and applications of batteries. This February 18 holiday is an opportunity to celebrate a vital and useful invention. We use batteries everywhere, from our electronic games to smoke alarms, and for countless remote-control devices. Batteries are everywhere. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and power capacities, to fit a wide array of needs.

Just imagine where the world would be without batteries. We’d still be using a crank to start our automobiles. We’d have to cart around long extension cords to bring the boombox to the beach. More and more electric cars are hitting the roads every year. And, they use big batteries.

The downside to all of the batteries we use, is we are sending billions of them to the waste stream. They are harmful to the environment. We suggest you participate in this day by making an effort to convert to rechargeable batteries.

Yesiree, batteries are electrifying!

Today is a good time to appreciate the real power of batteries in our everyday life.

How to Celebrate National Battery Day

  • Check your battery supply and make sure you are well stocked. There is a lot of winter left and you may need them for your flashlight.
  • Check the battery strength in all of your devices. Replace them, if needed.
  • Help to keep dead batteries out of the waste stream. Find out where to drop them in your area.
  • Invest in rechargeable batteries. They are much easier on the environment.
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Thought for Today

Relationships are a lot like Algebra. Have you ever looked at your X and wondered Y?

History and Origin of National Battery Day

Our research did not find the creator or the origin of this day. Most likely, this day was created by a national association or a battery manufacturer.

There is no evidence to suggest that this is truly a “National” day, which requires an act of congress. We found no congressional records or presidential proclamation about this special day.

Definition of “National” Days – and why it is important to distinguish true National days.

Reader Comments:

Several site visitors have suggested that this day is in honor of Alessandro Volta, an Italian physicist, and inventor of the electric battery, who was born on this day in 1745.

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