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National Violin Day

Violin Day

About National Violin Day

When is National Violin Day? This holiday is always observed on December 13

Violin Day is today, a December 13 holiday. Pick up your Stratovarius, and let’s play make some sweet music together. The violin is an elegant instrument, a classy musical instrument. 

Those who play this instrument can create some awesome music. The sound is fantastic when played as a solo. And, in a concert band or orchestra, the sound blends well with just about any musical piece. If you are a violinist, we salute you.

How to Celebrate National Violin Day

On this special day, you should:

  • Listen to violin music.
  • Pick up your violin and play a few songs
  • Sign up to take violin lessons.
  • Attend a symphonic orchestra or a violin concerto.
  • Learn about famous violin players.

Today's Quote

“A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit; what else does a man need to be happy” – – Albert Einstein

History and Origin of National Violin Day

We found no factual information about the origin of Violin Day. Our research in the early 2000s and again in the early 2020s has not uncovered who created this special day.

We can speculate as to how this day was created. And, we have a very logical hypothesis. It is the Christmas holiday season. Schools hold holiday musical concerts. One of the violin concerts was likely the origin of Violin Day

We did not find a congressional or presidential proclamation making this day a true national day.

Definition of “National” Days – And why it is important to distinguish true national days.

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