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About Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day

When is Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day? This holiday is always observed on December 27

Make Cut Out Snowflake Day is here and now. Aren’t you happy that this December 27 holiday has finally arrived!? Here’s a day to show your crafty skills, as you make paper snowflakes. Cutting out snowflakes is a great project for kids. However, you don’t have to be a kid, to have fun making paper snowflakes. It’s a skill that is practiced by many people. They say no two snowflakes are alike. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, that there are seemingly countless different snowflake designs. Templates abound, from fast and easy patterns to intricate time-consuming designs to challenge the most practiced snowflake maker.

This is a great after-Christmas project for your kids. After all the excitement, the kids settle down, if only for a few minutes, and work on a fun art project at home. Most of the winter is ahead of us. So, the snowflakes make a great decoration for your home or your child’s room. The holiday decorations will soon be stored away until next year. But, you can leave the snowflakes p until spring.

So, if you like snow…bring it on! Bring out the paper and scissors and cut out some paper snowflakes on this very special Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day.

How to Celebrate Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day

  • Take a piece of white paper or construction paper and a pair of scissors. While snowflakes are white, you can use colored paper as this is an art project.
  • Cut out paper snowflakes.
  • Use glitter to decorate them. This makes them sparkle like real snowflakes.
  • Decorate the snowflakes.
  • Give them to mom and dad, aunt or uncle, as well as family and friends. They will love it!
  • Decorate your room with them.

Today's Quote

“Every avalanche begins with the movement of a single snowflake, and my hope is to move a snowflake.” – – Thomas Frey

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History and Origin of Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day

We found no factual information about the origin of Make Cut Out Snowflake Day. We did not find any information on the creator of this special day.

It is mildly surprising as to the selection of December 27 to celebrate this day. Making paper snowflakes is a very popular school craft project. On December 27, all school children are out on Christmas holiday.

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