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National Roof Over Your Head Day

Roof Over Your Head Day

About National Roof Over Your Head Day

When is National Roof Over Your Head Day? This holiday is always observed on December 3

Today is National Roof Over Your Head Day. This December 3 holiday is a day of appreciation for the things we have, starting with the roof over our heads. Even if it’s not a great house, as long as the roof keeps you warm and dry, you are better off than those who are homeless in the world.

For most of us, a roof over our heads signifies living in a house that protects us from the elements, keeping us warm, dry, and cozy. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as you and I. There are many homeless people right here in our country. Some people live in a cardboard box on the street…… literally. There are millions of people around the world who live in poverty or disaster areas and do not have a home to keep them comfortable and safe.

Did You Know? There are over 500,000 homeless people in the United States and millions around the world.

Happy National Roof Over Your Head Day!

How to Celebrate National Roof Over Your Head Day

  • Spend a few minutes being thankful that you are not homeless and appreciating your roof and home today.
  • Also, contribute to a homeless shelter, so others can come in out of the rain or snow.
  • Take in a homeless person or family. Perhaps a family member or friend is in need. of your help. 

Thought for Today

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” – – Judy Garland

History and Origin of National Roof Over Your Head Day

Despite our diligent efforts, we have yet to find who created Roof Over Your Head Day. Nor, did we find factual information about this day.

Our first research of this day in the early 2000s, and follow-up research in the early 2020s, found no congressional records or presidential proclamations proclaiming this to be a true “National” day. 

Definition of “National” Days – And why it is important to distinguish true national days.

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