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Mitten Tree Day

Mitten Tree Day

About Mitten Tree Day

When is Mitten Tree Day? This holiday is always observed on December 6

Mitten Tree Day is today, a December 6 holiday. It’s a great holiday for grade school children. Mittens are the central theme of the day. Classroom activities are centered around mittens. In art class, the students can draw pictures of colorful and decorative mittens. Counting games are created for younger students using mittens. Teachers can educate children about how they are made.We’ve got ideas for people of any age to enjoy this day at school and work, too.

Have fun and happy Mitten Tree Day.

How to Celebrate Mitten Tree Day

Here are some ways you can celebrate and enjoy Mitten Tree Day:

  • Read the story The Mitten to young children. This is a grade school favorite activity.
  • Set up a Christmas tree and have people bring in mittens to donate. This is popular in both schools and work environments.
  • Take a poster board and cut out the shape of a Christmas tree. Have the children color and decorate it. Hang it on a wall. Then, have each child cut out mittens from construction paper. Have them color and decorate the mittens Make sure they put their name on them, before hanging them on the tree.
  • Read the story “The Three Little Kitten Who Lost Their Mittens” to nursery and pre-K children.
  • Buy your children a new pair of mittens.

Thought for Today

Brains are awesome. I wish everybody had one. – – Author Anon

History and Origin of Mitten Tree Day

Or research has not uncovered the person who created this holiday or why it was created.

Mitten Tree Day was likely created by a grade school teacher. It’s the perfect grade school craft project or story hour. And, the timing of this holiday in early December is perfect.


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