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Bacon Day and International Bacon Day

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When is International Bacon Day? This holiday is on the third Saturday before Labor Day

When is Bacon Day? This holiday is always observed on December 30

Bacon Day and International Bacon Day celebrate crispy strips of salted pork. While it is not healthy for you, it tastes so good, that people just can’t resist eating it. Today is a day to thoroughly enjoy it at every meal. You can retur to a healthier diet tomorrow. Snack time, too. It is recommended that you consume it in social gatherings, too. So, go ahead, and have a bacon party!!

Suggested Menu for Today:

  • Start the day having it with eggs. Go ahead and take a couple of extra strips.
  • For lunch, it’s a BLT or Turkey Club sandwich. And, don’t forget a cup of potato and bacon soup.
  • Dinner can be a wide range of entrees, from a bacon cheeseburger to a bacon-wrapped steak or scallops. Your salad should be topped with bacon bits, as well as your loaded baked potato.
  • For a snack, it’s cheesy bacon.

It appears that these two holidays evolved separately. Two separate groups of individuals claim responsibility for the creation of these days. However, no specific names have been identified.

Today’s Motto: Everything tastes better with bacon!

How to Celebrate Bacon Days

  • The objective of this day is to eat bacon. We challenge you to have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any snacks you consume today.
  • Be thankful to pigs for their more than generous donation. (tee, hee)
  • Have a party!

Can you think of any more ideas on how to celebrate this day? We would like to hear your ideas.

Today' Quote

“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds, if green vegetables smelled like bacon.”  – Doug Larson

History and Origin of Bacon Days

We found conflicting reports about who created International Bacon Day. Residents in Bradford, Ma. claim to have created this day in 2000. A group of Boulder, Colorado graduate students also claim to have created this special day, in 2004. We are uncertain how to resolve the dual claims. However, we lean towards the first reported date in 2000.

We have yet to find any information on who created Bacon Day in December. It appears to have roots in the United Kingdom before 2000. Researching information from Great Britain is a little challenging.

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