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World Daffodil Day

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About World Daffodil Day

When is World Daffodil Day? The date of this August holiday varies

Today is World Daffodil Day. Daffodil Days are held on a wide range of dates at the world, national, and local levels. There is definitely no consensus on a common date. And that’s okay, as the goals are the same. Whether you are commemorating World Daffodil Day today, or any other Daffodil Day in any country or locality, the goals are critical and vital. Daffodil Days are held to raise awareness of cancer and how to avoid it. Other goals of World Daffodil Day, are to raise funds for cancer research, raise public education and awareness, and help those affected by this deadly and devastating disease. 

Why are Daffodils a symbol in the fight against cancer? Daffodils are a worldwide symbol of life.

In some way and at some time, cancer touches everyone in the entire world. Chances are you or someone you love will have cancer at some time in their lives. We all certainly know many people who have had cancer. All over the globe, there are cancer societies and groups organized to help in the fight against cancer and to find a cure. We strongly encourage you to become active in the fight against cancer. At the very least, contribute… give what you can.

Note: This page is in honor of this authors’ dear uncle, Bob Hicks Jr., who courageously fought, and ultimately lost a five-year battle with Multiple Myeloma, a bone cancer.

How to Celebrate and Participate in World Daffodil Day

 Here are some ideas on how to participate in World Daffodil Day:

  • Donate to cancer research organizations.
  • Donate to St. Jude’s Hospital for child cancer treatment.
  • Grow Daffodils.
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History and Origin of World Daffodil Day

We traced a wide variety of Daffodil Day events, dating back at least to 1990. As for World Daffodil Day, we did not find the originator or any information about when it began. The American Cancer Society and many other cancer support groups use World Daffodil Day to support cancer research and treatment.

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