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National Vesuvius Day

Volcano Erupting

About National Vesuvius Day

When is National Vesuvius Day? This holiday is always observed on August 24

Vesuvius Day marks the date in 79 A.D. that Mount Vesuvius exploded. When the Mount Vesuvius volcano erupted, it became one of the top 10 most devastating eruptions in recorded history. It ranks as #9.

August 24, 79 A.D. was a historic date for the world. This was the day that Mount Vesuvius erupted in a huge explosion. It was one of the largest volcanic explosions in recorded history.

This deadly volcano destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae. They were buried by volcanic ash and pumice. An estimated 3,360 people died in the volcano’s eruption. Had the eruption occurred in modern day, it would have killed many ,many more people.

Mount Vesuvius also exploded a second time in 1631. At that time, it killed approximately 3,500 people.

The Worst Volcanic Eruptions

Here are the worst volcanic eruptions in history:

  1. Mt. Tambora, Indonesia, 1815 – It killed approximately 120,00 people.
  2. Krakatoa, Indonesia, 1883 – One of the most violent volcanic eruptions in history. It destroyed the island it resided on.
  3. Laki, Iceland, 1783 – The effects of acid rain and global temperature drop lasted for years.
  4. Mt Pelee, Caribbean, 1902 – It is the worst eruption of the 20th century. It destroyed the city of St. Pierre. Of 28,000 residents, only 2 survived.
  5. Ilopango, El Salvador, 450AD – Scientists estimate it was the second-largest volcanic eruption in 200,000 years. It killed an estimated 100,000 people and caused global cooling for years.

How to Celebrate Vesuvius Day

  • Learn more about the devastating Mount Vesuvius eruption.
  • Learn about how volcanic eruptions occur.
  • Make an erupting volcano model for school projects, or just for fun.

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Volcano Eruption

History and Origin of VesuviusDay

History records the Mount Vesuvius Volcano as one of the worst eruptions in history. What we don’t know, is who created this holiday. 

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