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National Trail Mix Day

Trail Mix Day, Chex Mix

When is National Trail Mix Day? This holiday is always celebrated on August 31

National Trail Mix Day features a high-energy, tasty treat for the trail or snacks. On this August 31 holiday, you can buy packages of trail mix at a store. Or, you can make up your own, using the ingredients you like best. Making your own is much more fun. And, you can make it in minutes with your favorite mix of ingredients. Of course, once you have a package of trail mix, you need to do something fun. May we suggest a long late-summer hike or a little mountain climbing? 

When you head out to a campout, hike, or go biking, take a bag of trail mix along with you. It provides the extra energy boost to keep you from getting tired and running out of energy along the trail. Don’t limit trail mix to the trail. It is also good at campouts, too.

Trail mix stores well. Just put any unused trail mix into a sealable plastic bag and put it into the freezer for your next hike.

Happy trails to you!

How to Make Trail Mix

Making trail mix at home is fun and easy. It takes minutes to prepare. Here’s how:

  • Gather your favorite snacks for the mix.
  • Pour them all into a big bowl. 
  • You can vary the mix, putting more or less of an ingredient. You’ve got to mix in more of your favorite ingredient, right!?
  • Mix them all together.
  • Put the mix into sealable plastic bags.

Here is a fun way that the Boy Scouts make Trail Mix:

  • Ask each hiker or camper to bring a box or bag of their favorite cereal, nuts, pretzels, raisins, dried fruit, M&Ms, etc.
  • For younger hikers or new members of the group, it’s best to provide them with a list of the types of food that can go into the trail mix. That way, the inexperienced hiker won’t bring something that can not be easily carried.
  • At the campout or before the hike, bring the group together and mix all the snack items in a big, big bowl.
  • Put the mix into sealable baggies and pass them out to each scout.

Tips: When making your trail mix, avoid messy items that leave your hands sticky.  Also, avoid too many salty items. For example, unsalted nuts are better than salted ones.

How to Participate in National Trail Mix Day

Here are some ideas on how to participate in National Trail Mix Day:

  • Take a hike or climb a mountain and bring some along.
  • Put some trail mix into your backpack and take a long bike hike> How far will you go?
  • Make your own trail mix. Vary the ingredients to include your favorite items.
  • Have it as a snack on the beach.
  • Eat it as a nighttime snack.
  • Bring some to work to share with co-workers.

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“The road to success has many tempting parking spaces.” – – Author Unknown

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History and Origin of National Trail Mix Day

Our research did not find the creator or the origin of this day.

Our research studies in the early 2000s and the early 2020s did not find any documentation confirming this to be a “National” day. We found no congressional records or presidential proclamation.

Definition of “National” Days – and why it is so important to distinguish and identify true national days.

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