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Stuffed Peppers Day

Stuffed Green Bell Peppers Day

About Stuffed Green Bell Peppers Day

When is Stuffed Peppers Day? This holiday is always celebrated on August 28

The author of Stuffed Green Bell Peppers Day is an avid gardener. He loves sweet, green, bell peppers (and most other peppers for that matter). Understandably, he also loves stuffed peppers. In late August, these sweet garden treats are ripening far faster than they can be consumed. Therefore, it only stands to reason that August 28 should forever be declared Stuffed Green Bell Peppers Day. Enjoy this August 28 holiday by eating them for lunch or dinner. Better yet, have them for both meals!

This is a fun holiday to celebrate and participate in. On Stuffed Green Bell Peppers Day, make plans to have stuffed peppers for lunch and/or dinner. If you enjoy cooking, then this can be a really fun day. You can make your own stuffed peppers. They are quick and easy to make. There are many recipe variations. But, the most popular recipe contains just five ingredients: sweet bell peppers, ground beef, rice, onions, and a sauce (usually tomato soup). There’s no need for extra salt or black pepper. Stuffed peppers are perfect without it.  Find a Stuffed Green Pepper Recipe.

Did You Know? Peppers are one of the most popular plants to grow in the vegetable garden. Of the dozens of varieties of hot and sweet peppers, sweet green bell peppers are by far the most popular.


How to Celebrate and Participate in Stuffed Peppers Day

It’s always a culinary delight to patriciate in food holidays. Here are some ideas on how to enjoy Stuffed Peppers Day:

  • Order stuffed peppers in a restaurant.
  • Make them at home.
  • Make enough to freeze for later quick meals. They freeze well.

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“I have never in my life learned anything from a man who agreed with me.” – – Dudley Field Malone

History and Origin of Stuffed Peppers Day

Everybody loves food holidays. This special day was created in 2019 by Bob Matthews, form Rochester, NY, and author of

According to Matthews “When you put together a love of gardening, cooking, sweet bell peppers, and creating fun web pages, the creation of Stuffed Green Bell Peppers Day is a slam dunk”. The only question in his mind is “Why did I wait so long to create it!?” 

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