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National Mustard Day

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About National Mustard Day

When is National Mustard Day? This holiday is celebrated on the first Saturday in August

What is your favorite condiment? Move over ketchup and salsa. Many of us like mustard best of all. Today is National Mustard Day. On this special food holiday, we celebrate the “King of the Condiments”. While we think of it more as a condiment, mustard greens are popular in fresh garden salads.

Mustard is a must-have for hot dogs, sausages, and a wide range of sandwiches. It’s great on top of big pretzels. Both dried and prepared mustard is also an important ingredient in many recipes, too.

When it comes to condiments, Mustard is among the most popular. When it comes to longevity, mustard is unrivaled. It has literally been in use to spice up meals for thousands of years. To retain its status, mustard has not stood still. Rather, it has diversified. It’s not just yellow anymore. There’s a growing selection, including Honey Mustard, Bold, and Spicy, Sharp, and Creamy, and of course Dijon Mustard. Take a trip to your refrigerator, and you will probably find two or three different types of mustard. A trip to the grocery store will reveal even more selections.

Have a happy National Mustard Day.

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How to Celebrate and Participate in Mustard Day

 Here are some ways to enjoy National Mustard Day:

  • Try different kinds of mustard.
  • How many things can you put mustard on?
  • Eat mustard greens.
  • Grow mustard in your garden.
  • Visit the National Mustard Museum in Mount Horeb, WI.

Today's Quote

“The food that enters the mind must be watched as closely as the food that enters the body.” – – Pat Buchanan

Mustard on Sandwich

History and Origin of National Mustard Day

This special day was created by the National Mustard Museum in Mount Horeb, Wi. It was created as an annual event in 1991.

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