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International Hangover Day

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About Hangover Day

When is International Hangover Day? This holiday is celebrated on the day after International Beer Day.

What happens the morning after you’ve had too much to drink? That right, you get a walloping hangover. So, it only makes sense that International Hangover Day is the day after International Beer Day.

Aaah yesterday was so much fun. You had a great time celebrating International Beer Day, at least what you remember of it. The pounding headache, queasy stomach, and spinning room, is a sure sign that International Beer Day although lots of fun, is over, and International Hangover Day has painfully arrived. Bring out the aspirin, tomato juice, and a bit of the “dog that bit you”.

Important Note About the Date:  We want to make certain you celebrate this month on the correct day. This holiday is the day after International Beer Day, which is the first Friday in August. A few internet websites report this holiday as the first Saturday in August. This is not always correct. If International Beer Day falls on the seventh day of the month, then International Hangover Day falls on the second Saturday of the month.

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How to Celebrate and Participate in International Hangover Day

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate and participate in International Hangover Day:

  • Have a glass of beer.
  • Take an aspirin.
  • Stay in bed.
  • Swear off drinking…. until your hangover goes away.

Today's Chuckle

I had such a massive hangover this morning, that I stood in the shower for nearly an hour. Then, I summoned the strength t turn it on. – –  Author Unknown

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History and Origin of International Hangover Day

We researched this holiday deeply but did not positively identify the creator of this holiday. But, we are pretty sure we know who did. Follow our logic……..

It is very clear that the Association of California Brewers created International Beer Day in 2007, in Santa Cruz, California. We also know that International Hangover Day was created shortly after, and is established as the day after International Beer Day.  Both days are called “international” days. So, we have our theory as to who created this special day. What is your guess??

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