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More Herbs, Less Salt Day

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About More Herbs, Less Salt Day

When is More Herbs, Less Salt Day? This holiday is always observed on August 19

More Herbs, Less Salt Day promotes the use of healthy herbs over salts. Salt enhances the flavor of the food we eat. We all know that salt is not good for our health. Yet, Americans are addicted to it. This August 29 holiday to eat healthier with less salt.

Late August is a very appropriate time to celebrate this special day. The harvest of garden herbs is at a peak. There’s nothing better than fresh garden herbs to spice up your favorite recipes. And, we all should have less salt in our diets., the creators of this day, offer little information about this day, other than the fact that herbs are better for your health than salt……….. How true.

How to Celebrate More Herbs, Less Salt Day

  • Purge salt from your diet as much as possible.
  • Remove the saltshaker from the table. Keep it out of site.
  • Use a variety of herbs in your food today.
  • Try an herb you’ve never used before.

Wise Thought for Today

Listen to Sage advice. Take some Thyme for yourself.

Bonus Chuckle: If a parsley farmer gets sued, can you garnish his wages?

Chives Herb Plant

History and Origin of More Herbs, Less Salt Day

This special day was actually created by the good folks at They have created a number of special days and have actually copyrighted them so they can profit by it. Dontcha just love America!?

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