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International Plant Appreciation Day

Zinnia Plant a Flower Day

About International Plant Appreciation Day

When is International Plant Appreciation Day? This holiday is always celebrated on April 13

Today is International Plant Appreciation Day, an April 13 holiday. Plants are our friends, our counterparts. We breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Why, you could say it’s a marriage born in heaven, or at least the garden of Eden.

Today is a perfect opportunity to get closer to the plant world. Pamper your indoor plants. Don’t have any? Well, what are you waiting for? Go out and buy some. This special day falls in the spring, a perfect time for you to plant outdoor plants. If you are not yet a gardener, now is the time to start a relaxing and rewarding, lifetime gardening hobby.

Learn all about gardening and all of your favorite plants at The Gardener’s Network.

Garden Pepper Plants

Appreciate All Plants

Gardeners and non-gardeners alike should appreciate plants for the benefits they provide. They produce oxygen, essential for our existence. Plants instill calm, peacefulness, and serenity. Many of them are beneficial to our health.

We appreciate:

  • Flowers for their beauty.
  • Vegetable plants to feed us. They taste so good and offer a wide range of flavors for our consumption.
  • Herbs are the spice that makes eating such a pleasure. Many of them offer medicinal uses, too.
  • Trees give us shelter and shade. They also provide the paper that we write on.
  • Weeds, well let’s appreciate them too, if only for today.
  • And, the list goes on and on.


Chives Herb Plant

How to Celebrate International Plant Appreciation Day

Here are some ways to enjoy International Plant Appreciation Day:

  • Buy a plant for indoors or outdoors.
  • Start plants indoors for your spring flower and vegetable gardens.
  • Give a plant to someone to cheer them up.
  • Take up gardening. It’s a great hobby with benefits!

Today's Quote

“One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it doesn’t fit the present.” – – Golda Meir

History and Origin of International Plant Appreciation Day

There isn’t a lot of documentation on this special day. Our research found references to this day in the 2000’s. We have not yet found the originator of this special day. 

This day is referred to as an “International” day. However, we did not find any UN resolution or other proclamation ordaining it as an International day. We suspect the originator wanted everyone around the world to appreciate plants and their importance to us.

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