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National Pet Day

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About National Pet Day

When is National Pet Day? This holiday is always observed on April 11

According to Colleen Paige, the creator of National Pet Day, this April 11 holiday event celebrates “the special relationship between humans and pets, and the joy pets bring to our lives”. It also raises awareness, of the plight of all types of animal pets awaiting rescue and/or a permanent home. Maybe, that home will be yours!

Today is a day for both of you. Undoubtedly, there is a special bond between humans and pets. We’re talking about any and all pets. There is a mutually beneficial relationship, for both you and your pet. As you feed, care for, and love your pet, you will gain your pet’s loyalty and mutual affection. It’s hard to be lonely when a pet is at your side. A pet has a way of lifting your spirits. It often knows when you are sick, sad, or worried. Your pet may try to offer comfort or sympathy.

Taking on a rescue animal is a great way to celebrate this day. Rescue animals are defined as any animal that is living in poor conditions, is abandoned, or is abused. There is a huge joy and emotional reward, in taking on an animal in one of these conditions. You bring security, safety, and happiness to your new pet. He or she rewards you in many, many ways.

If you don’t have a pet, consider getting one from a shelter. If the opportunity arises, take on a rescue animal, if you can. 


What Qualifies as a Pet?

When we think about pets, dogs, cats, birds, fish, guinea pigs, and rabbits often come to mind. But, some folk have some weird, odd, exotic, and even scary animals that they keep as pets. Who’s to say that the alligator you’re walking down the sidewalk in your neighborhood is not a pet!? As long as it’s on a leash and doesn’t get anywhere near you, why should you care?

Yes indeed, people have strange ideas of what qualifies as a pet. The list of different and unusual pets is long. It includes pigs, snakes, spiders, and almost anything imaginable. Can you tell someone that their pet skunk is not really a pet? Local governments may have laws against keeping certain animals. However, if it is not on the list, people can have them.

Chia Pet

How to Celebrate in National Pet Day

You can celebrate National Pet Day in many ways, including:

  • If you don’t have a pet, maybe today is the day to adopt a pet. Take a trip to your local Humane Society and bring home an animal that needs you. It will make you both feel good.
  • Spend time with it.
  • Take your pet to the groomer.
  • Teach him a new trick.
  • Give him special treats.
  • Take it for a walk.
  • If your pet is a dog, take him to the dog park.
  • Buy an article of clothes for him, if appropriate.
  • Take a selfie with it.

Today's Chuckle

When life brings you tomatoes, make Bloody Mary’s!!

History and Origin of National Pet Day

Colleen Paige, a Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert, and animal advocate created this day in 2006 to celebrate the unconditional love and bond between pets and humans.

We found no documentation in congressional records to confirm that this is truly a national day. Nor, did we find a presidential proclamation.

Definition of “National” Days – and why it is important to distinguish true National days.

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