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National High Five Day

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About National High Five Day

When is National High Five Day? This holiday is celebrated on the third Thursday in April

Today is High Five Day. Gimme a high five. While you are at it, give one to everyone you today! And if you see them again later in the day, give them another. Guaranteed, you can’t do it often enough. It’s a fun and uplifting that makes you feel good and puts a smile on your face.

The “High Five” is a celebratory slapping of hands atop raised arms. It’s been a standard for celebrating sporting victories, special events, competitions, and many other activities for decades.

It’s fun and easy to celebrate this special day. Give a High Five to everyone you see. This includes friends, family, passersby, and total strangers. The more you give, the better for everyone involved.

BTW: It’s okay to give a “Low Five” today. But, only after you’ve given them a “High Five”.

How to Celebrate National High Five Day

Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate this holiday:

  • Give a high five to everyone you meet.
  • Make it a contest. See how many you can give. 
  • Finish up with a “Low Five”.
  • Celebrate this day with lemonade. This is exactly how the creators of this holiday celebrate it.

Today's Chuckle

“I always like to go to Washington, D.C. It gives me a chance to visit my money.” – – Bob Hope

History and Origin of National High Five Day

The creation of this day dates back to 2002. It was created by college students at the University of Virginia. Those students were Conor Lastowka from San Diego, California, Sam Miotke of Corvallis, Oregon, and Wynn Walent of New York City. They celebrated with lemonade and a profusion of High Fives.

Visit the National High Five Day website.

The act of giving a “High Five”, dates back to 1977, when it was first used during a Basketball game. Their congratulatory gesture caught on rapidly and has been popular ever since.

This is referred to as a “National” day. However, we did not find any congressional records or presidential proclamations for this day.

Definition of “National” Days – and why it is important to distinguish true National days.

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