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Small Business Saturday

Date: When is Small Business Saturday Celebrated ?

This holiday is always held on November 29

Small Business Saturday is held each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. And, it's a really important day for your neighborhood retail shops, helping them to get a slice of the huge holiday market.

Small Business Saturday is the much smaller kid brother to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Small businesses can and do participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, their efforts are dwarfed by the big, national chains, and the monster sized Amazon. Small businesses do not have the advertising budgets and brand awareness to compete with the big stores on these two mega-shopping days. Sales numbers on these two days can actually be lower for small businesses, as consumers focus upon the many deals the big stores offer and advertise over every media outlet in existence.


Small Business Saturday is a hugely important day for small business owners. On this day, the focus is solely upon these small, hometown shops. It brings awareness to the presence of these small shops. Prior to today, you just might have driven past these shops, without really seeing them as you head to a big box store. Small Business Saturday drives shoppers to local stores in big numbers, if only for the day. It builds awareness that there is indeed a shop right in the community, that offers a plethora of different and unique holiday gift ideas. This day can have long term, positive effects for your local businesses well beyond this one day. And, it has a positive impact on your local economy.


On Small Business Saturday, these quaint little shops offer promotions and sales. Free samples are sometimes given out. You might find a sweet treat of chocolate or a cookie, as you enter the store. This day has seen consistent year over year sales growth rates, but not as big as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Why Support Small Business Saturday?

There are many reasons to support locally owned business in your community.

Small business employ millions of workers. These are your neighbors and friends, who live on your street, go to your church, and belong to your clubs and organizations. In addition to the owners, if large enough, small, local, Mom and Pop businesses can employ family members and a few other people who live in your community.

Your neighborhood stores are not able to take advantage of volume discounts from their suppliers. As a result, profit margins are much smaller. Frankly, they need your support.

Small business survives on your patronage. They have little or no advertising budgets. They rely on outdoor signage, and a good location. Word of mouth is very important for generating sales. Outstanding and personal customer service is essential for gaining loyal, repeat customers.

Small Business Saturday encourages us to support our local businesses. It focuses upon local retail outlets. This applies to small, locally owned restaurants, coffee shops, and delis as well. Use this day to patronize your local mom and pop restaurants and delis, too. Supporting them puts money back into your local community.

Your small, local businesses offer a unique and pleasant atmosphere. They often offer products that you can' get in the big box stores or online. These products are more often than not "Made in America" and created by your hometown crafters. Product quality is often much better, too.  

We hope you embrace this special day, by shopping locally owned retail outlets. And, keep them in mind all year long.

Today's Chuckle: "As a child, my family's menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it." - - Buddy Hackett



Origin and History of Small Business Saturday:

Small Business Saturday was created in 2010 by the credit card company American Express. They launched it as a marketing campaign to aid small business owners. It was designed to help small business owners gain exposure and awareness for their businesses.

Small Business Saturday became an official holiday the next year (2011), with the support of President Barak Obama, U.S. Senators, and Washington state mayors.

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Cyber Monday - It's the biggest online sales day of the year, growing by double digits each year.

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day - This holiday is celebrated in March, during a slow time for retail sales.

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