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International Tiara Day

Date When Celebrated: This holiday event is always held on May 24

Ladies, do you know the feeling you get when you put a tiara on your head? It's a great feeling. That's right, you feel like royalty! A tiara transforms you into the queen, princess or duchess hidden inside of every women or girl. If you do not come from nobility, you may never have had the chance to wear a tiara before today. Opportunities and events where a tiara is worn are few and far between. International Tiara Day was created, so you can experience this joyous feeling today. This is an annual holiday, so now you can wear a tiara at least once a year!


A Crown versus a Tiara

There are a few difference between a crown and a tiara. Both are encrusted with jewels. A tiara is a type of crown. It is worn mostly by women. Crowns are circular, while a tiara is semicircular. Crowns cover the entire head. A tiara covers only the front part of the head.


How to Celebrate International Tiara Day:

Make this into the fun filled day it is intended to be. There are so many ways to celebrate and enjoy this day. Need ideas? Here are a few:

  • Wear a tiara. Savor and enjoy the royal feeling that comes with wearing it.
  • With a tiara firmly affixed atop your head, make some royal proclamations. They can be big or small.
  • Research your family roots, to see if any royalty is in your family tree.
  • Pamper yourself and your daughter(s). Give yourselves the royal treatment at a beauty or nail salon.
  • Go to a relaxing spa and get the works.
  • Give a tiara to young girls you know, and watch them smile!
  • Go to a high end restaurant. If you order a steak, we suggest the "queen" cut.
  • Buy some new clothes or jewelry that is befitting a person of your high, noble stature.
  • With your tiara on your head, go online and read about the Queen Mum.

 Happy International Tiara Day

Today's Quote: " Always be yourself. No matter who's aroudn you being negative or thrusting negative energy at you. Block it off. Because whatever you believe, you become." - - Michael Jackson

History and Origin of International Tiara Day:

This holiday event was created in 2005 by Barbara Bellisimo of "Seasons of Success". It was created as an international event, so women and girls around the world can feel like royalty. According to the creator it "empowers women to change their worlds, and to embrace their inner beauty.

The date of May 24 was chosen, as it is the birthdate of Queen Victoria of England. She reigned as queen, beginning at the young age of 18. She ruled for 64 years, from 1837, until her  death in 1901.

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