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Capture the Sunset Week

Capture the Sunset Week, July holidays

Date When Celebrated : Third full week of July

Sunsets are one of nature's prettiest pictures. Not every night produces a brilliant tapestry of color at sunset. The conditions have to be just right. When a brilliant sunset does occur, it can take your breath away.  So, it's only fair and proper, that we take a moment to show recognition and appreciation for glorious sunsets, and to snap a few pictures to capture the moment.

The sun sets every night. But, many nights it is hidden by clouds. Some nights, the sun just sets into the horizon, with just the reddening of the sun. Other nights, clouds keep the sunset from view. As a result, we need a full week of watching sunsets, in hopes of catching one or two brilliant, magnificent sunsets. When this happens, grab your camera and capture the moment. Then, share it with others on social media. Or, frame it for your living room!

Sunset watching tip for the guys: Watching a beautiful sunset with the young lady of your dreams can create a magical moment. Make sure to tell her that while the sunset is indeed beautiful, it is not nearly as beautiful as her.

Happy Capture the Sunset Week!

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To contribute a fantastic sunset, email us: info@holidayinsights.com 

Today's Quote: " We know what we are, but no what we may be." - - William Shakespeare

The History and Origin of Capture the Sunset Week:

This special day was created in 2017 by Bob Matthews, owner of Holiday Insights.

Bob does not create many days. But, he felt that sunsets are on of nature's finest pictures.  He said "Sunsets deserve our recognition and appreciation." Up until now, there wasn't a special time to recognize the magnificence of sunsets.

The third full week of July was selected, as more people are outdoors at sunset in mid summer, increasing the chances of catching a great, maybe award winning picture.

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