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About this Jello Shots Drink Recipe

Description: Everyone with a sweet tooth loves this Jello Shots drink recipe. Also called Jello Shooters, they are wildly popular. They are easy to make. You simply combine your favorite jello flavors with your favorite alcoholic beverage.  Then, allow it to set in the refrigerator. It makes a sweet, enjoyable “drink”. 

This recipe is as easy as making Jell-O. In general, substitute 1/2 of the cold water in the jello recipe with the alcohol you have chosen to use. Popular liquors include rum, vodka, and tequila. But, the choice is just about unlimited.  

Jello shooters are most popular as a summertime “cooler”. You’ll also find them served all year long, especially during holidays and events.

Remember: Jello shots contain alcohol and should be consumed wisely.

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Jello Shots Drink Ingredients

3 oz. Jell-O (any flavor)

6 oz. boiling water

6 oz. vodka

How to Make Jello Shots Directions

  1. Select the jello flavor you want to use.
  2. Follow the direction on the jello package for making the jello.
  3. In the final step, substitute 1/2 of the COLD water with the alcohol of your choice.
  4. Pour into shot glasses or containers.
  5. Place in the refrigerator to cool and gel.

Important: Do not add more alcohol than recommended above. Alcohol has a different (lower) freezing point than water. If you add too much alcohol, the jello will not gel.  With some combinations, you may need to use a little less alcohol. In general, liquor with a higher alcohol content, and gels at a lower temperature. In this case, a little less alcohol is used.

Jello Shot Glasses and Containers

Jello shooters are most often served from disposable plastic shot glasses (we think this becomes a little pricey). However, these plastic cups with lids make them portable.

If you are serving jello shooters at a party, or consuming them at home, you can use any kind of bowl or small glass. Or, you can mold it in a cake pan, and cut small cubes. Arrange the cubes on a plate, and you have an instant success.

We suggest you be creative. You can make jello shots in a wide variety of jello molds on the market. This is very popular during holidays. The most popular mold is an Eyeball jello mold, as it’s just about the perfect serving size.

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