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National Yo-Yo Day

National Yo-Yo Day

About National Yo-Yo Day

When is National Yo-Yo Day? This holiday is always observed on June 6

National Yo-Yo Day is here…hooray! Not that you need an excuse to play with your Yo-Yo. On this June 6 holiday, show off your yo-yo skill. Wherever you go, get out your Yo-Yo and impress your friends, family, and co-workers. And, play with it at work today. If you don’t think it’s appropriate at work, consider the fact that three U.S. presidents (Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon) showed off their Yo-Yo expertise while in the office!

Its origin is hard to factually prove. Many believe that the Yo-Yo originated in China as early as 500-1000 B.C. However, there is some evidence that it was first used in Greece even before this time. Over the centuries the Yo-Yo has had its ups and downs (tee, hee).  

The classic Yo-Yo was made wildly popular in America by businessman Donald F. Duncan Sr. He manufactured the “Duncan Yo-Yo” in the early 1900s.

Celebrate the Yo-Yo today by “walking the dog” or “shooting the moon”, the most popular tricks.

Most Popular Yo-Yo Tricks

Here are the most popular yo-yo tricks:

  • The Basic Toss
  • Walk the Dog
  • Shoot the Moon
  • Around the Corner
  • Shoot the Moon
  • Elevator Trick
  • Rock the Baby

Yo-Yo Trivia

  • The world’s largest Yo-Yo weighs 256 pounds and is on display at the National Yo-Yo Museum.
  • In 1992, Jeffrey Hoffman took a Yo-Yo into space aboard the shuttle Atlantis.
  • The first Yo-Yo competition was held in London, England in 1932. 
  • It is believed that Napolean Bonaparte played with a yo-yo before the battle of Waterloo.

How to Celebrate National Yo-Yo Day

  • On this day, “tatters” around the world have different activities, mostly educational, to celebrate their hobby, and introduce the skill to others.
  • Often, they celebrate by eating chocolates while making tatted lace.

Today's Quote

“A jury should decide a case the minute they are shown it, before the lawyers have had a chance to mislead them.” – – Will Rogers

History and Origin of National Yo-Yo Day

This holiday was created in 1990 by Daniel Volk from Cleveland, OH. Volk is a yo-yo demonstrator. National Yo-Yo Day was established on June 6th to honor the birthday of Donald F. Duncan Sr., the founder of Duncan Toy Company. Duncan was born on this day in 1892. 

We did not find any documentation confirming this to be a “National” day. We found no congressional records or presidential proclamation.

Definition of “National” Days

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