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About Sweetest Day

When is Sweetest Day? This holiday is the third Saturday in October

Now here is a day you and your sweetie can really get into. Sweetest Day exists as an opportunity for you to recognize that sweet and special someone. It doesn’t matter who that person is, or what their relation to you. They just have to be “sweet” to get a little recognition.

As the days in October get increasingly colder, use this holiday to: 

  • Snuggle with your sweetie.
  • Cuddle with your cutie.
  • Hug your honey.

While most people celebrate Sweetest Day, by giving chocolates and other sweets to their “Sweetie”, the original intent of this day was something quite different.

Herbert Birch Kingston, a Cleveland, Ohio philanthropist and candy company employee started Sweetest Day. He wanted to bring happiness to orphans, shut-ins, and the underprivileged. He intended to show these people that they were not forgotten.  In 1922, he started this holiday by giving candy and small gifts. Movie stars, most notably Theda Bara and Anna Pennington, joined in giving boxes of candy to people in Cleveland. Bara gave 10,000 boxes of candy to patients in Cleveland hospitals.

The popularity of this holiday quickly spread. And, the traditions altered. Today, people give candies and other sweets to loved ones and friends. That is perfectly fine.

However, we encourage you to follow the original selfless intent of this special holiday. Find ways to give candy and small gifts to those in need. It will bring a smile and a little happiness to someone who is ill or in need. You’ll be glad that you did!

How to Celebrate Sweetest Day

  • Give candy or sweets to people in need, in the hospital, shut-ins, or the elderly.
  • After you have followed the original spirit of this day, then you can give candy or sweets to your “sweetie.

Today's Quote

“Stolen kisses are always the sweetest.” – – Leigh Hunt

History and Origin of Sweetest Day

As mentioned previously, Herbert Birch Kingston, a Cleveland, Ohio philanthropist and candy company employee started Sweetest Day in 1922.

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