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When is Rubber Eraser Day? This holiday is always observed on April 15

Stop! Put that eraser away. Don’t erase today from your monthly calendar. Make no mistake. Rubber Eraser Day, an April 15 holiday, celebrates the invention of erasers. We all make mistakes. This day is designated to recognize and appreciate the value of that little plug (as manufacturers call them), that sits atop our pencils. When we make a mistake, they are the big “cover-up”, make that eraser, of our booboo or faux pax. Just imagine how messy our documents would be without them!

Why not just call it “Eraser Day”? There are two reasons. The first erasers were made of rubber. Today, they are made of rubber or vinyl.  Secondly, in Great Britain, they are formally called “rubbers”.

In the world of erasers, two men are prominent. Joseph Priestley discovered the eraser in 1770, using pieces of rubber imported from Brazil. Then in 1858, Hyman Lipman of Philadelphia, Pa., patented the pencil with an eraser at the end.  

There are a number of types of erasers, including:

  • One that comes already attached to your pencil by a metal band.
  • An eraser you can add on top of your pencil.
  • A block, commonly called Pink Pearl or Pink Pet.
  • In pencil form. Instead of lead, there is an eraser inside. As your use it, you peel away the outside.

Rubber Eraser Trivia and Facts

  • It comes as no surprise that the use of erasers has dramatically declined.  Computers, texting, and emails have replaced many handwritten letters, notes, memos, etc.
  • If you do not have an eraser, use a piece of wadded-up bread. This was how mistakes were erased prior to the invention of rubber erasers.
  • There is an eraser for ink. It is much less common.

How to Celebrate Rubber Eraser Day

  • Pull out your eraser and leave it on your desk as you write with a pencil.
  • Use the eraser as needed. 
  • If you’re not making any mistakes, make a couple, so you can use your eraser.
  • Be curious. Try to determine if your eraser is made of rubber or vinyl.
  • If you don’t have one, buy one today.

Today's Quote

“To err is human, an eraser is divine!”

History and Origin of Rubber Eraser Day

There is a wealth of information about the discovery of the erasers. However, our research failed to discover who established Rubber Eraser Day.

We did discover some discrepancies about when this day is celebrated. Most references point to April 15th as Rubber Eraser Day. However, some sites proclaim April 13th as Rubber Eraser Day.

In recent years some internet websites have added the word “National” to the title. Our original research in the early 2000s found no such reference. We did not find any congressional records or presidential proclamations for this day.

Definition of National Days

Thought for the Day: Life is too short. If you can’t laugh at yourself, call me. I will.

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