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Receptionist Day

Receptionist Day

When is Receptionist Day? This holiday is celebrated on the second Wednesday of May

Don’t confuse this day for Administrative Professionals Day or Secretary’s Day.  Receptionists, this is your day! Okay, maybe it’s not a day off. But, it’s a day to recognize and appreciate all the things that you do! The purpose of Receptionists Day is two-fold. First, of all, it gives recognition to receptionists. After all, they are the first person your customers see when they walk through the door of your company. The great first impression is molded in large part thanks to your smiling, cheerful receptionist.

The second reason for Receptionist Day is to promote pride and professionalism in the position. As the “face” of the company or organization, a receptionist is a very important position. Occasionally, they are faced with an upset or unhappy customer, supplier, or visitor. This is where their professionalism comes into play, turning an unhappy situation into a positive experience. for all visitors.

Note: There is also a “Receptionist Week. It is celebrated the Second week of May.

How to Celebrate Receptionist Day

  • Thank your receptionist for his or her dedication and efforts.
  • Give her a gift card to a nice restaurant.
  • Buy her coffee.
  • Buy her flowers or candy.
  • Take her to lunch.

Today's Quote

“The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts up the minute you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office..” – – Robert F

History and Origin of Receptionist Day

Our extensive research on this day came up with little substantial information about the history or origin of this day. Although a lot of sites have it listed on, we only discovered one site with any real content about the day. This was at the National Receptionist Association. We did find this day listed on countless Ecard websites.

In recent years some internet websites have added the word “National” to the title. Our original research in the early 2000s found no such reference. And, very importantly, the National Receptionist Association calls it Receptionist Day on their website.  We did not find any congressional records or presidential proclamations for this day.

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