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Go Skateboarding Day

Date When Celebrated : Always June 21 st

Grab your skateboard and hit the sidewalk (or road), as today is Go Skateboarding Day. Skateboarding is a popular sport, that just about anyone can enjoy.

It should come as no surprise that skateboarding originated on the west coast of the U.S. Skateboards first appeared in the 1940s. It quickly gained popularity across the U.S. It has gained popularity worldwide. A skateboard is a popular gift for Christmas and birthdays.

June 21 was selected as the date to celebrate this special event, as it is the longest day of the year.... more time to spend on your skateboard!

Go Skateboarding Day was created to make this sport more accessible to everyone, and to make it popular world wide. On this date, the IASC annually holds skateboarding events in major cities around the world.

Did You Know? Skateboarding is an Olympic sport.

It's a cinch to celebrate this holiday.... simply go skateboarding. Participating with a friend will make the day even more pleasurable.

The Origin of Go Skateboarding Day:

This special day was created in 2004 by Don Brown of California and the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC).


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