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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

About Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year holiday is celebrated by billions of people around the world. The date of New Year changes every year. It is a 15-day celebration, beginning on the first day of the new moon, and ending on the full moon. This Asian New Year celebration on the the 15th day is called the Chinese Lantern Festival.

Chinese culture is amongst the oldest in the world. While the rest of the world is in the early years of but the third millennium, Chinese culture is in its fifth millennium.

In Chinese astrology, every year is represented by an animal. The cycle is twelve years, with a different animal each year. To find out about your sign, and what it says about you, see Chinese Astrology.

Also called the Spring Festival, New Year is the biggest holiday in Chinese culture. It is celebrated with festivities, fireworks, brightly colored lights, special meals with family, and gift giving. Like Christmas in the western world, most Chinese travel home to be with family for the new year celebration.

Hong Kong New Year

When is Chinese New Year?

  • Year 4722 – February 10, 2024, Sign: Dragon, a Yang year.
  • Year 4723 – January 29, 2025, Sign: Snake, a Yin year.
  • Year 4724 – February 17, 2026, Sign: Horse, a Yang year.
  • Year 4725 – February 6, 2027, Sign: Sheep a Yin year.
  • Year 4726 – January 26, 2028, Sign: Monkey, a Yang year.
  • Year 4727 – February 13, 2029, Sign: Rooster, a Yin year.
  • Year 4728 – February 3, 2030. Sign: Dog, a Yang year.
  • Year 4729 – January 23, 2031. Sign: Pig, a Yin year.
  • Year 4730 – February 11, 2032. Sign: Rat, a Yang year.
  • Year 4731 – January 31, 2033, Sign : Ox, a Yin year.
  • Year 4732 – February 19, 2034, Sign: Tiger, a Yang year.
  • Year 4733 – February 8, 2035, Sign: Rabbit, a Yin year.

Today's Quote

“He who learns but does not think is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger!” – – Confucius


Other Asian New Year Celebrations

Here are some other Asian New Year celebrations:

  • Cambodian New Year
  • Laos New Year
  • Thailand New Year
  • Vietnamese New Year, it’s called “Tet” and is celebrated on the same day as Chinese New Year.

Fun Stuff for Chinese New Year

Chinese Panda Bears – Cute and adorable.

Chinese Fortune Cookies – Find your fortune.

Confucius Says – Funny sayings and proverbs

The Fortune Pumpkin Now here is a different way to get a fortune!

The Fortune Turkey And, yet another different way to “Gobble” up a fortune cookie online.

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