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Arbor Day

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About Arbor Day

Date When Celebrated: Arbor Day is always held on the last Friday in April

National Arbor Day is the Tree Planter’s holiday. It has been celebrated since 1872. It began in Nebraska, a largely treeless plain back in the 1800s. On April 10, 1872, Conservationist J. Sterling Morton proposed this day to the Nebraska Stae Board of Agriculture. in Lincoln, Nebraska. It grew to become a nationally recognized holiday.

Arbor Day is a day to plant and dedicate a tree to help nature and the environment. On this day organizations and individuals plant millions of trees. Many organizations provide young tree saplings for free.

The National Arbor Day Foundation provides millions of trees for planting. It is estimated that over 18 million trees are planted each year on Arbor Day. Did you know? The Latin word for “Tree” is “Arbor”…sure you did!!!

Learn how to plant a tree

Did you know? There are over 228 billion trees in the United States.

How to Celebrate Arbor Day

  • Join the millions of Americans who plant at least one tree today.
  • Support the National Arbor Day Foundation or your local conservation origination.

Deep Thought for Today

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. – – Albert Einstein

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History and Origin of Arbor Day

The roots of this tree planting holiday go back to the 1870s. Even back then, people were aware of the alarming rate at which the vast American wilderness was being destroyed.

As previously mentioned, it was started by Conservationist J. Sterling Morton of Nebraska City, Nebraska.

The date for this holiday in April changed a few times over the years. Now, it is celebrated on the last Friday of April. April is the perfect time to plant trees.

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