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National Sewing Month

This is no yarn. September is National Sewing Month. It is a basic, yet invaluable and essential skill. In earlier days almost everyone knew how to sew.

Once mankind tossed away the fig leaf and began to wear real clothes, sewing became a very important skill. Sewing was invented thousands of years ago, and was probably the reason that fig leaves went out of style.

Nowadays, fewer and fewer people can sew. Store bought clothes have all but replaced homemade clothing. It's reached such a point, that if a button comes off, many people will toss out a good shirt, as they don't know how to sew the button back on!

Sew(ha, ha), it is fitting that we set aside one month each year to recognize the importance of sewing to a well dressed society.

One may suggest that you celebrate this special month, by learning how to sew. If you already know how to sew, but have not done so in a while, make plans to sew a new outfit.

Famous Seamstress: The most well known American seamstress is Betsy Ross, who made the very first American flag. See Flag Day.

Quote of the Day: "A stitch in time saves nine"

Origin of National Sewing Month:

It is not known who, or what organization, led the effort to make this a special calendar event. But, interest reached the highest office in the land. In1982 President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation declaring September as National Sewing Month. President Reagan declared it “in recognition of the importance of home sewing to our nation".

Because it was a presidential proclamation, this calendar event is a true "National" event.

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