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National Indoor Plant Week


Date When Celebrated : Third week of September

Indoor plants are widely popular in American homes. Yet, with their passive nature blending into the decorum of the home, they are seldom thought of, and sometimes ignored.

According to several websites, this day was created to "... promote and increase awareness of the importance of live plants in internal spaces". Those spaces can be your home, an office where you work, a hospital, or even an indoor shopping mall.

Many people do not believe they are a gardener, and do not participate in this popular hobby. To the contrary, most homes have at least one indoor houseplant in them, and often we have several. Why, that identifies us gardeners!

begonia-houseplant, indoor, plant

Benefits of Indoor Houseplants:

  • Indoor plants are a natural air cleaner

  • Plants produce oxygen which you breathe in, and take in carbon dioxide which you exhale. This makes you two, the ideal couple!

  • Plants help to reduce noise levels.

  • Growing plants is soothing, therapeutic, and stress relieving.

  • Houseplants are good for mental health and well being. They brighten up your house, improving your mood during long, cold winter.

There are many ways to celebrate National Indoor Plant Week:

  • Use this week to pamper your houseplants. Give them a dose of fertilizer. Dust off the leaves, if needed. Yes, houseplants get dusty.

  • Acquire more houseplants from your local garden store.

  • Give a houseplant as a gift to a friend.

  • Identify and bring indoors, plants that can be grown as a winter houseplant. More on bringing plants indoors

We encourage you to participate in and enjoy this very special week, spending time with your houseplants and expanding the ones that you have. You will be glad that you did!

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Origin of National Indoor Plant Week:

National Indoor Plant Week appears to have started in the early 2000's. We have not found any documentation as to who started it, or why it was established at this time. We can only guess that late September was chosen, as this is about the time people think to bring plants in from outdoors to grow as houseplants in the winter.

A truly "National" day requires either an act of congress, or a presidential proclamation. Our research did not identify either event.

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