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National Kale Day

Date When Celebrated : First Wednesday of October

Kale is the latest Superfood. It earned this title, because Kale is loaded with all sorts of healthy minerals and vitamins. As a result, The list of health benefits of eating Kale is a long one.  

National Kale Day is dedicated to recognizing and appreciating  the health value of Kale.

Celebrating this special day is simple.... eat some Kale today. But, don't eat it just today. Rather, make Kale a regular and important part of your diet.

Get healthy and stay healthy, by eating lots of Kale!

Did You Know? There is a variety grown as a flower or ornamental. It's aptly called "Flowering Kale". And, it's edible.

Origin of National Kale Day:

National Kale Day was created in 2012. It was created, and is promoted by Nationalakleday.org

This relatively new, yet important special day, is called a "National" day. However, there has yet to be a congressional or presidential proclamation making this day a true national day. Nationalakleday.org is currently organizing an online petition to send to the U.S. Congress, requesting that this become a true "National" day.

Definition of "National" Days

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