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Diwali Day, a Festival of Lights

Date When Celebrated: varies - October 27, 2019; November 14, 2020; November 4, 2021; October 24, 2022; November 12, 2023

Diwali Day is the first day of a five day Hindu holiday celebration. It is a festival of lights, one of the major hindu holidays of the year. Diwali Day originated in India as a harvest festival. It is now celebrated by Hindus throughout the world. It is also called "Dipwali".

Diwali Day signifies the victory of:

  • Light over darkness

  • Good over evil

  • Knowledge over ignorance

  • Hope over despair

Diwali Day Customs and Activities:

  • Participate in family prayer.

  • People clean up home, office and workplace.

  • Dress up in new clothes. If you don't have new clothes, dress up in your best clothes.

  • Light lamps and candles.

  • Celebrate with fireworks.

Happy Diwali Day!

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