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National Espresso Day

national, espresso, day, machine

Date When Celebrated : Always November 23

Looking for a quick caffeine high? Well, you are in luck because today is National Espresso Day, and a cup of espresso should do the trick.

The Espresso Machine was first invented in Italy by Luigi Bezzera in 1901. Luigi's goal, was decrease the time of his employee's coffee breaks, and subsequently increase productivity. His espresso machine accomplished this goal, and went beyond, creating a thick, bold, coffee that has become very popular.

Espresso machines use steam to force hot water through the coffee grounds, to make coffee faster, with a stronger flavor, and more body. It is topped with a delicate foam called "crema". Coffee used for Espresso is ground finer.

Did You Know? Espresso is the base ingredient for capuccino, lattes, and macchiato.

It is very easy and enjoyable and relaxing to participate in National Espresso Day. If your Espresso machine is not already sitting on your kitchen counter, drag it out of its basement storage location, dust it off, and make some Espresso. If you don't have an Espresso machine, that's okay. Walk or drive to your nearest coffee shop or cafe, and order one! 

Origin of National Espresso Day:

We have not yet discovered who created National Espresso Day. Like so many other food related holidays, it seems this day was created, once promoted, and its history never properly recorded.

We found no congressional records or presidential proclamation creating this day as a national day.

We do wonder why the creator established this as a "National" day. One would think this day should have been called a "World" or "International" Espresso Day, as it was invented in Italy, and is enjoyed around the world.

Definition of "National" Days

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