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Men Make Dinner Day

Date When Celebrated : First Thursday in November

National Men Make Dinner Day was created  for two reasons. First, it is to give the ladies a break from the cooking chores. Secondly, it seeks to encourage men who do not cook, to learn to cook, beginning by making a meal on this day. Of course, even men who do cook, should celebrate this day by making a meal. For the experienced male cook, we encourage you to make something challenging.

It is also called Make Your Wife Dinner Day.

Okay guys, be a sport. Give the ladies in your life a break. Set them in their favorite chair in the living room, put a glass of wine in their hands, and tune the Tv to their favorite "Chick Flick". Then, grab a beer, find a recipe and make dinner all by yourself!

Here are a few Do's and Don'ts for making the meal:

  • The Golden Rule: Women can not assist in the meal. Rookie male cooks need to do it all by themselves, to gain a sense of accomplishment.

  • No take out or prepared foods are allowed

  • No grilling. After all, you've been telling yourself for years, that grilling is Man's turf.

  • If you've never cooked before, make it simple. If you like to cook, do something challenging.

  • Prepare something that the ladies will like.

  • The meal must include a dessert. May we suggest easy to make jello? Add a dollop of whipped cream and a cherry.

  • You must clean up all the pots pans and mixing bowls used in preparing the meal.

Why Should Men Cook Today?

  • Because you love your wife or partner.

  • To broaden your horizon and skill set.

  • To score points!

Origin of Men Make Dinner Day:

The creators of this day is not known. Nor, is the date when it originated. Our research suggest that this special day may have originated fairly recently.

There are no Presidential or Congressional proclamations making this an official "National" day.

Also See: Housewife Day - another opportunity to treat your soil mate in a special way.

Flower of the Day: Aloe Vera Plant

Recipe of the Day: Old Fashioned Pumpkin Cake

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