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National Windmill Day

windmill, day, national, windmills

Date When Celebrated: Second Saturday in May

Today is National Windmill Day, a national day in the Netherlands (also called Holland). Holland is home to thousands of windmills, where they have helped reclaim the land from the sea, pumping countless amounts of water over dikes, and back into the sea. Windmills are also essential for industry, most notably flour mills. Increasing numbers of windmills are now being installed in Holland, Europe, the United States and many other countries for a new purpose..... to provide clean, carbonless energy for a power hungry world.

On National Windmill Day, over 950 windmills in Holland open their doors to visitors, providing them with an up close look at the inner workings of windmills.

Recognizing the importance of windmills to produce "green" energy, we encourage you to use this day to support windmill research, and to promote the development and installation of windmills in your community.

Happy National Windmill Day

Origin of National Windmill Day:

National Windmill Day originated in Holland. Our research has not found any European organization or government claiming to have created this day. It appears to have originated early in the 2000's.

From our research, neither Holland, nor any other government has issued a proclamation making this a true "National" Day.

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National Windmill Day

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