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National / World Agriculture Day

Date When Celebrated : March 20, 2019 (date varies)

National Agriculture Day is a salute to American Agriculture and everyone who plays a role in it.

According to the Agricultural Day website, the purpose of National Agriculture Day is to "celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture".

Every year, producers, associations, universities and other groups recognize and celebrate the contributions of agriculture.

Note: Natioanl Agriculture Day, is sometimes referred to as World Agriculture Day

On this day:

  • Spend a little time to better understand agriculture.
  • Learn about how food is produced and distributed
  • Encourage people to enter agriculture as a career.
  • Eat well today. As you do, think about all that goes into bringing the food you eat to your table.

The date of this special day can vary. It is often, but not always on the first day of spring.

Origin of "National Agriculture Day":

On February 29, 2012, Agriculture secretary Thomas J. Vilsack proclaimed March 8, 2012 to be National Agriculture Day. This proclamation stated a specific date and year. It can vary each year. The Agricultural Secretary annually proclaims the date ofe National Agriculture Day. In 2018, it was President Donald Trump who made the proclamation.

This day is organised and promoted by the Agriculture Council of America (ACA).

This special day originated in 1973.

Important Note: If you see it listed on a different date on other websites, those websites are probably not keeping up with the creator's established date, which varies.

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