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Take a Road Trip Day

take road trip day

Date When Celebrated : Always the third Friday in June

Summer is here. The weather is sunny and warm. The kids are out of school. The summer vacation season has arrived. It’s time for a road trip!!

The road awaits you. Today is the perfect day to declare yourself a day off and just get away. This special event is on a Friday, so you can call in to work to use a vacation day and make a long weekend of it. While you can plan this day in advance, today will be the most fun by making it an unplanned trip. Be adventuresome. Go with the flow. Some of the best vacation memories come from a spur of the moment trip, with no prior planning or thought.

Here’s how to best enjoy Take a Road Trip Day: Your road trip is about the journey and not the destination. Sure, you can point to a destination, But, don’t get hung up about reaching it. Take a spinner from a kid’s game board, and spin it. Point your car in the direction the spinner indicates, and just drive. Make sure to stop along the way at points of interest, arts and craft shops, wineries and breweries, or any other place that attracts your attention. Keep off the superhighways and you will find much more fun things to do.

You can take a simple day trip, or you can pack an overnight bag and extend the road trip into the weekend ..my favorite choice. If you opt for the overnighter, remember this is an unplanned trip, so pack your bag at the last minute.

For those of you who can’t hit the open road without a planned route and destination, it’s okay. Just keep in the spirit of an unplanned event as best you can.


Origin of Take a Road Trip Day

This special day was created in 2019 by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY and owner of Holiday Insights .

Matthews conceived the idea of this day while researching Read a Road Map Day. He realized that something was blatantly remiss. He felt after reading a road map, it was only natural to actually take a road trip.


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