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International Body Piercing Day

Date When Celebrated : Always June 28

Express yourself today, by getting a body piercing somewhere.... anywhere. Today is a great day to do so, as it is International Body Piercing Day.

Nowadays, body piercing are most often done as a form of self expression. Along with tattoos, they set us apart, and to some degree define who we are. 

Body piercing has been around since ancient times. It was practiced in many cultures around the world. Most notably, African and Native American tribes practiced body piercing, often for tribal rituals, among other reasons. Even in ancient times, body piercings were performed on almost any part of the human body.

Modern body piercing in the U.S. began to gain in popularity in the mid to late 1970s. It's  popularity and acceptance continues to grow around the world. Many people consider body piercing a form of art. Along with growth in popularity, is a marked increase in extreme piercings, with some individuals having dozens upon dozens of piercings.

Jim Ward of California is known as the "grandaddy of modern body piercing". He opened the first body piercing studio in California in 1978. Among his many achievements, were establishing methods of piercing, promoting body piercing education, and setting safety standards.

Celebrate International Body Piercing Day. Go out to a body piercing studio, and get a part of your body ... any part...pierced!

Also see: Body Painting Day, another form of self-expression

The Origin of International Body Piercing Day:

Jim Ward, the "grandaddy of modern body piercing" was born on this day in 1941. The date was selected to celebrate his many contributions to the world of body piercing.

While we know this special day was created to honor Jim Ward, and to promote body piercing, we do not know who created this day, or the year of origin.

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